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I draw MLP:FiM art, anthro, and other stuff I feel like. Oh yeah, and I fucking love my music.

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Huh, roommates and neighbors are throwing a big party in our house this weekend…looks like I’m goin’ home for this weekend.

"You’re lucky I like it"

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imboredlord said: I bet your payment persistence will be paid off in future. Count on it, EQ pays off too lol

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean…

dekaccho said: So, what's going on in your life right now? Why are your roommates such assholes?

It’s probably my fucking fault. I’m just a straight-edge, light-sleeping introvert who lives with partying, drinking roommates, one of which is hyper extroverted without courtesy for those who actually want some fucking quiet from time time.. I guess I can’t handle his constant yelling and banging and general loudness. Everyday he yells, “Turn up!” or “It’s time to turn up Colin!” or “Turn down for what!” or any number of his (let’s call them) mannerisms. Every fucking time frustrates me more and more, it’s like fucking Chinese water torture.

I’m sorry for ranting at you.

Trying to think of legal ways to eject unwanted people out of my life…I can’t think of any.

This sucks.

TMI Whatevertodayis

Wanna ask me about life? Arts? Music? Pro Wrestling? Fire away.

…but I’m gonna take a nap first~

postcardsdashmod said: FemTeej: MENZING NO!

Menzing: I’m fine, it doesn’t even hurt anymore. Just lemmie find my bandages and I’ll be good as new. ^^;



He uhh…slipped.



He uhh…slipped.